First, we open

After the registration we should land on the dashboard which should look like this.

Then we click on the green plus to create any resource.

A menu will open in which we can select different resources.

Then we type in Event Hubs until we get the Event Hubs suggested.

Then we click on the Proposal.

Now an information page about the Events Hubs should have opened.

Where we click on the blue Create Button.

After that a sidebar opens to create our namespace for the Event Hubs.

Now we’re waiting for the resource to be made available.

When we have successfully created the namespace, we click on it.

We will then be redirected to the deployment report where we can switch to the resource.

This will take us to the overview page of our EventHub Namespace.

There we can create our individual EventHubs.

Now we create our first EventHub
and click on the create Button.

Then we just need to wait until it is successfully created.