Using DataAnnotation in ASP.NET Core to add angular 4 validation attributes

What is the problem? The default validation attributes, added by ASP.NET Core, are not useful for angular. For Example the validation attribute for an min-length value in ASP.NET Core is data-val-minlength-min. In angular 4 the value is minlength. For a more precise distinction, here is an example: Default ASP.NET Core attributes for an minlength of 5. angular […]

Rebase, what is it and why should you use it

The following article intends to explain the often misunderstood concept of the rebase function. It will help you getting a clearer picture of how to use rebase, giving you a technical overview and a possible usage in an entire workflow.

Common Prerequisites for Feature Toggles and Feature Branches

Feature Branches or Feature Toggles – When to use what

Finding the best strategy to implement features in software development is a controversial topic. You find lots of discussions about whether you should use Feature Branches or Feature Toggles. When looking at some of the technological innovators you can find both strategies in action. This article will not describe those strategies in detail, so you […]

Best Libraries to Work with Charts in AngularJS

More and more business applications are implemented as web applications in AngularJS, a structural framework provided by Google, i.e. to be location and device independent. A typical requirement for business applications is graphically displaying values, e.g. financial or statistical data in different types of charts. Bar chart, pie charts and other charts which are known […]