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Platform-independent IT standard

For software projects, we give top priority to your personal requirements, intuitive usability and future-proof development potential. Technology and architecture play a central role in achieving this.

The Java platform, with its established open source libraries and platform independence, offers the flexibility to cope with everything from simple services to highly scalable web applications.

Our experience with numerous client projects has shown that a Java-based web application can help you reach these goals. Java uses its strengths on the backend – your business logic. The perfect complement to this is an HTML5 user interface – available for smartphones and tablets. Communication between these two layers happens via REST services.

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Benefits of this architecture

Lightweight and flexible

Lightweight architecture provides the ideal foundation for a modern software development process, as well as flexibility for operation and ongoing development. Approaches such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps can be integrated more easily into this kind of environment. This facilitates efficient implementation of your specialist requirements.


Whether for integration into your existing infrastructure or one that is completely new, Java runs in practically any environment.

Effective and scalable

Lightweight architecture means an application’s resource overhead can be kept as low as possible. The technologies used are tailored to this, supporting an effective overall solution. If a high or growing load is expected on the system over time, the architecture’s scalability allows it to respond appropriately.

Widely used and well-established

Behind Java you’ll find a very active community. Recurrent standards don’t need to be recreated for each project since reliable and high-quality libraries are already available.

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